Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to Specialist

Went back to specialist Sept 23. I printed a bunch of stuff out on webmd about estrogen and highlighted the parts regarding my argument on why I shouldn't be taking estrogen. I was prepared for an argument, and he gave me an argument his was just much better on why I should be taking estrogen. So I'm gonna try the estrogen. I will take a 1/2 for two weeks and then move up to the whole pill. Well see how it goes, I am doing good so far. A couple of bitchy moments, but hey that's with or without the estrogen so that's nothing new.

I'll have another bone scan in about a year and a half and well see how my bones are responding to the estrogen and go from there.

In other news kids and hubby are doing great.
Tons of changes at work and I think they are all for the better.

Now that I can blog from my iphone I hope to post her lots more.

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