Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day three of chantix

And it's going good and I think I'm actually looking forward to not smoking.. To not scheduling my life around having a cigarette. Tomorrow I start taking them two times a day and let's just hope I can sleep or that will make for a very grumpy me.

Pain has been okay for the most part. Hips hurt pretty bad last night and today and still haven't made a decision on going to the doctor. yes I need to go but really don't want to.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day one of Chantix

I took my first dose of chantix this morning and other than a bellyache for about a half hour I feel pretty good. I know it's probably gonna take a few days to get in my system.

This morning I even got to rest my hips from driving, Kinsey drove me to Giant Eagle and Krogers. Shopping all day for the week and later today going to a Lia Sophia open house.

It's another rainy Sunday and I knew it from the way my body felt when I got out of bed but just gonna keep chugging along and take my pain medicine when I get home.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The first step..

The first big step in this whole journey is I have to quit smoking, I guess I don't have to but want to and need to. I just got back from getting Chantix. I thought it would cost me over a $100 a month but thank goodness for insurance because it was only 1.24.

You are suppose to smoke for the first week you take it and I'm going to start taking it tomorrow morning so my official quit day will be April 4th. This may be the hardest thing I've ever done but it's something I'm ready to do and need to do, so I guess we'll see how it goes.

The Journey Begins..

After two years of being in pain I found out on March 23 that I have osteoporosis. Not just osteoporosis but osteoporosis so bad that I have the bones of a 70-80 yr old woman which would be okay except I'm 36 yrs old. See the problem here. My family doctor gave me this diagnosis told me he would be consulting with an endocrinologist, handed me a prescription for chantix to quit smoking and a prescription to get a handicap pass for my car.. really because in case I haven't said it yet I'll say it again I'm 36 yr old.

So now my dr. wants me to go see the endocrinologist to see if there is more going on and I don't wanna see another dang doctor. I would much rather get my eyebrows waxed which I haven't done in years than see another dang doctor. Will I go, I don't know. Right now I just know I don't want go.